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Monmouth County, NJ
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National Convention 2007 - Nashville, TN

Monmouth County Delegates:  Ray Vogel, Chrissy Lee, Mike Lee, Joanne Ramsey and Lou Colucci

Delegates:  Ray Vogel, Joanne Ramsey, Joe Fabian (Hudson Cty) and Lou Colucci

Delagates:  Chrissy Lee, Lou Colucci, Frank Britt (candidate for National Director), Ray Vogel, Joanne Ramsey and Mike Lee

Chrissy Lee and Carolyn Dorin-Ballard

Chrissy Lee and Kim Terrell

The "dot-comers"

Greg Sternberg and Don Griffin {BOWLERGRIF}

Bob Ashley {Love 2 Bowl} and Vince Costello {PrinceVince}

Kent Smith and Don Davis {DDAVIS 300}

Lou Colucci and Mike Lee

Back Row:  Kent Smith, Don Griffin, Ray Vogel {RV.BOWLER}, Don Davis

Front Row:  Bob Ashley, Vince Costello, Chrissy Lee {Mrs. Lee}

The Britts

Frank Britt {FRANK_BRITT}, Candidate for USBC Director

USBC officials

Roger Dalkin, USBC CEO

Contact Roger Dalkin

Michael Carroll, USBC President

Sylvia Broyles, USBC Vice President

Bob Sobon, USBC Ballot Chairman and Joan Feinblum, USBC Nominating Committee Chairman