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Over/Under Tournament Results - 2010

October 17, 2010 Howell Lanes

The eleventh annual MCBA Over/Under Handicap Doubles Tournament was held at Howell Lanes this past Sunday, October 17th.

The winners this year were Rich Conti and Michael Conti, who took home the winners purse of $ 650. They are the first repeat winners of this tournament, having won the title in 2008 at Knob Hill Country Lanes.

Second place went to Jeff Berkowitz and Joe Horvath and garnered $ 350 for their efforts.

The Third Place team was Rocco Mayo and William Clark winning a prize of $200.

Fourth Place was Vince Cariello and Jordan Marangelli winning a prize of $100.

Fifth Place was Harry Kaufman and Michele Burstein winning a prize of $100.

The tournament had 24 teams and five teams advanced to the finals. The top qualifier was Team Conti with a total gross of 2477 for the five games, which enabled them to receive two byes and get seeded into the final match. Berkowitz/Horvath qualified second and won two semi-final matches to advance.


Runners-up Joe Horvath-Jeff Berkowitz, our County President Bob Hodges, the winning team Rich and Michael Conti, and tournament manager Lou Colucci


The field of the top five teams that went into match play.  From left to right the names with their final position numbers are:

2 - Joe Horath - Jeff Berkowitz

1 - Rich and Michael Conti

3 - William Clark - Rocco Mayo

5 - Harry Kaufman - Michelle Burstein

4 - Vince Cariello - Jordon Marangelli